The rise of metaClusters and Federation

metaKube is project focused on components built around the implementation of metaClusters. It aims to be a central catalog for best in class cluster operators.

As organisations continue to adopt Kubernetes at scale, the need for multi-cluster management has become increasingly apparent. Managing multiple clusters can be a challenge, as it requires coordination and synchronisation of resources across multiple environments. This is where the concept of metaClusters and federation comes in.

A metaCluster is a cluster that orchestrates other Kubernetes clusters, also known as the management cluster. The management cluster provides a centralised way to manage multiple clusters, allowing administrators to coordinate and synchronise resources across different environments. This provides a way to manage large-scale Kubernetes environments with hundreds or even thousands of clusters.

Federation is a Kubernetes feature that enables the management of multiple clusters as a single entity. With federation, multiple clusters can be grouped together into a single logical cluster, which provides a unified view of resources across all clusters. This allows administrators to manage multiple clusters as if they were a single cluster, simplifying the management of large-scale environments.

The rise of metaClusters and Federation will enable organisations to scale their Kubernetes environments to support large-scale applications and services.

This has become particularly important as organisations increasingly adopt microservices and distributed systems, which require the deployment and management of multiple clusters.

metaKube is a catalog with best in class cluster operators that aims to help PlatformOps to implement #Kubernetes on a large scale.

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Kubernetes Operators for metaClusters


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